KSP Technology’s Managed Desktop is a complete IT hardware, software and support solution for companies from 5 to 100 employees. We host your entire business – email, documents, files, applications, websites, and any other computer software you use, in our world-class data center.

You and your employees have fast and reliable access to your Windows desktop, programs, and documents from any device – wherever you might be.

  • Is your dinosaur of a server due for an upgrade?
  • Do you want total peace of mind that your data is secure, backed up, and stored within Canada?
  • Do you want the flexibility to scale, have remote office users, and travel the globe while still being securely connected to your information?

Key Benefits of our Managed Desktop:

Own Data Center – More Secure, Better Managed

We don’t outsource services to other vendors.  Because we own our own data center, our solutions are more secure and better managed.  Data is stored and backed up in Canada.

Any Device, Any Where, Any Time

With our Managed Desktop Solution, you can work from any device (laptop, tablet, MacBook, iPhone, etc) from anywhere in the world that is connected to the internet.

Go-Live in 5 Transition

To streamline and minimize interruption, you work closely with an Onboarding Team who guides you through the 5 step process that involves assessing your current situation, building the solution, testing, training users and handing off to the support team. On the go-live date, your team is ready and knows what to expect and our Help Desk team is standing by to assist with any adjustments.  Don’t suffer with poor IT because they are terrified of “the switch.”

Flat Monthly Fee – No Surprises

Budgeting is made easy with our fixed-rate solutions.  Services, monitoring and labour are in one, all-inclusive package.  Projects are pre-approved by you and completed on-time and within budget to prevent unexpected bills.