Stress-Free IT Life

There’s been a huge shift in my state of mind when it comes to IT now compared to say 3-4 years ago.  It used to be a weekly stress, things not working, losing info, slow networks and I did not trust our IT provider.   Now, since switching to KSP Technology, its been 3 years of almost stress-free IT life. Obviously there is going to be issues that pop up and that is why a business needs a quality provider.  The team at KSP Technology always gets it fixed fast, very fast. A business can’t afford to be down for any length of time. Too costly. They always answer the phone at the main line, and respond any time of day to requests for assistance. 

Kirk Simonson President
Pentec Energy Ltd.
Saskatoon, SK

Not Just a Great Sales Pitch

Our staff in 2 branches and several satellite offices begin work every day knowing our system is 100% functional – allows us to confidently invest our time in our business not our computers.  KSP Technology actually did what they said they were going to do.  Every other IT company I’ve worked with has had a great sales pitch, KSP Technology has great follow through.  Before we decided to work with them, we were on the fence.  Now it is something I would have done years sooner – so worth it, just do it – no regrets. 

Brock Longworth Operations Manager
Cornerstone Insurance
Prince Albert, SK

Decision Made Easy!

Changing support providers is a big decision – particularly when you consider the implications to cyber-security.  Throughout the process, KSP Technology did an incredible job providing the information we needed, addressing our concerns, and answering our questions.  KSP Technology made a tough decision easy.  The transition has been smooth and easy.  I’ve stopped worrying about how often our server is down, because it just doesn’t happen now!  KSP Technology is always looking for ways to improve and I know we are well looked after.

Ron Fullan Executive Director
Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan
Regina, SK

Lost Revenue and Frustrated Staff are No longer an Issue

I searched several options for IT support and it was KSP technology that found the right solution for our business.

In the past, if we encountered IT issues with our business system or email services, staff were unable to do their work and business was at a standstill.  The Managed Desktop solution solved our issues of lost revenue due to down time and employee frustration. We are now fully operational on a daily basis and able to keep business running smoothly.

KSP Technology’s services and support team are worth the investment in order for us succeed in our business. The solution just works.

Bardy Reavie General Manager
WestExcel Automation Ltd.
Regina, SK

Well Planned and Executed Transition 

Making the switch for us was smooth — albeit not worry free.  The anxiety and fear of switching (and all the hassles that come with it) created significant anxiety; fortunately, we quickly realized that a smooth transition is possible. We experienced virtually minimal downtime as the day and time of transition was planned and coordinated by KSP Technology. We were up and running again with minimal interruption — we have been running smoothly for 3 years and our memories of the days where our IT was stressful have become a distant memory. 

Michael Lavis Executive Director
Creative Options
Regina, SK

Client of 13 Years

We made the switch to KSP Technology 13 years ago and know it was the right decision. Our downtime is next to nothing.  We can work from anywhere with complete confidence in security.  In speaking with other businesses, they have spent thousands trying more than one computer company with no success.  And our systems get better all the time, without any research on our part. KSP Technology provides excellent service that includes priority repairs, if it needs to happen right away, it does.

Teresa Hensrud CFO
Industrial Scale Ltd.
Regina & Saskatoon, SK